Cahier 2015-01

Title:Eco-innovations: which new paths for the Aquitaine wood industry?
Abstract:This article focuses on the question of how eco-innovation projects can lead to the break-out of an industrial trajectory. Using the example of the Aquitaine wood industry, we question how eco-innovation projects promoted by the ‘competitiveness cluster’ might help to modify that trajectory. Based on the existing literature, which refers to the diversity of objectives of eco-innovation, our research analyzes this diversity and then questions the compatibility of these objectives. By doing so, the article aims to identify the main possible paths of evolution of the Aquitaine wood industry.
Keyword(s):break-out - competitiveness cluster - eco-innovation - path-dependency - wood industry.
Auteur(s) :BERGOUIGNAN Marie-Claude
JEL Class.:B52 – O31 - Q23 - Q55

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