Cahier 2015-07

Title:From bioeconomics to degrowth: About convergences and divergences between Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen and Serge Latouche
Abstract:The paper aims to put into perspective Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen’s bioeconomics and Serge Latouche’s degrowth approaches. In particular, we analyse the foundations of these approaches such as they have been put forward by those two economists. If the cross-reading of their work shows both proximity and distance, bioeconomics and degrowth do not have to be confused. Facing ecological challenges, the two approaches agree on the need to invite ethics to commit to a change in society that is compatible with the limits of the biosphere.
Keyword(s):bioeconomics, degrowth, entropy, sobriety, intergenerational justice, ethics
Auteur(s) :FERRARI Sylvie
JEL Class.:B31, B41

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