Cahier 2015-15

Title:A history of contemporary post Keynesian SFC model
Abstract:The purpose of this paper will be to show the main features of the post Keynesian stock-flow consistent modeling (SFC) with a presentation of the basic model of Lavoie Godley 2001. Then, we shall give a brief overview of the most important contributions in this search field. Special emphasis will be focused on the latest works, addressing several topics such as financialization, bank behavior, exchange rate, sectors analysis, heterogeneous agents or the impact of economic crisis. We shall present the matrices of stocks and flows and the remarkable equations.
Keyword(s):SFC model, post Keynesian theory
Auteur(s) :LE HERON Edwin, MAROUANE Amine
JEL Class.:E12, E27, E40, E52, F43, O55

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