Cahier 2015-18

Title:France’s international insertion strategy in globalization in long run perspective 1836-1938
Abstract:Using a new long term database on French foreign trade at a high level of disaggregation the paper deepened France’s international specializations, comparative advantages and exports concentration. At the beginning of the period, France appears to have espoused a Ricardian model of trade, exporting few textiles products in large quantities. The decreasing of the degree of specialization from 1860 to WWI calling into question dynamic Ricardian model expectations about an increasing of French exports concentration. The decline of exports concentration is correlated with chronic deficit of its balance of trade during Belle Epoque. We observe the same phenomena during the major part of interwar particularly after 1927.
Keyword(s):specialization, comparative advantage, exports concentration, first globalization.
Auteur(s) :MEISSNER Christopher, BECUWE Stéphane, BLANCHETON Bertrand
JEL Class.:F 60, N73

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