Cahier 2015-19

Title:Identifying a supply-chain related to the use of renewable natural resource: Case studies from France and Aquitaine region
Abstract:This paper aims to build a method to identify an economic sector. This type of method attempts to identify a pool of sub sector showing a strong intensity of economic flows between them. In this study, we show the potential of input output models for this type of analysis. Two types of contributions have been done here. First we improve the sub sector selection. Then we improve the calculation of the « economic distance between sub sectors belonging to the same sector. These improvements are applied to identified the wood sector in France but also at the regional level of Aquitaine. The empirical results show the features of sectors can vary between France and regions, mainly because of regional differences in the productive structure.
Keyword(s):Input-output analysis, wood sector, regional economics
Auteur(s) :MARTIN Jean-Christophe
JEL Class.:C67, L23, Q23, R1

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