Cahier 2015-24

Title:The diversity of carmaker's behaviors vis-a-vis the Corporate Venture Capital
Abstract:This paper wishes to contribute to the literature about the industrial firms' motivations to invest in Corporate Venture Capital programs. In a first part, we build a typology on CVC objectives based on a literature review. Then we apply this typology to carmakers’ CVC programs. We study 13 worldwide car manufacturers. Results show a poor interest of car makers vis-à-vis CVC programs. However, the existing programs show that strategic objectives are the most common objectives even if some others objectives are also pursued, like the “relational objective”. Summarizing the results, we identify four typical behaviors of carmakers vis-à-vis CVC programs. We conclude by a discussion about the automotive industry specificity, and we call upon other sectoral studies based on a qualitative method.The diversity of carmakers' behaviors vis-a-vis the Corporate Venture Capital
Keyword(s):Corporate Venture Capital, CVC, Innovation, Automotive, Investment strategy, Entrepreneurial Finance
Auteur(s) :Vincent FRIGANT, Marina FLAMAND
JEL Class.:G3, G34, L62, M13

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