Cahier 2015-28

Title:Evolution of trade patterns and economic performance: the case of France and Switzerland during the nineteenth century
Abstract:Using two original databases, built from external trade statistic of France and Switzerland, this article uses a highly disaggregated product-level to analyze the type, the nature and the dynamic of French and Swiss specialization. Despite of differences between France and Switzerland in terms of economic environment, this article underlines some common trends regarding the three aspects of specialization. For instance, the article shows that intra-industry trade flows were occurring between both countries and their partners. The articles also emphasizes that the skilled labor force as well as the choice of a ‘right’ economic policy allowed Switzerland to adapt its comparative advantage structure to the world demand, and to enjoy a fast economic growth.
Keyword(s):Comparative advantages, economic growth, first globalization
Auteur(s) :Léo CHARLES
JEL Class.:F13, N13, O2

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