Cahier 2015-31

Title:Centrality of regions in R&D networks: Conceptual clarifications and a new measure
Abstract:This paper aims at introducing a novel measure of regional centrality in the context of R&D networks. We first demonstrate some substantial problems of SNA-based centrality measures to cope with regional R&D networks in a meaningful way. Then, we introduce a new measurement approach of regional network centrality based on the concept of inter-regional bridging paths (indirect connections at the regional level). We show that the formal definition of our regional bridging centrality measure can be expressed in terms of three simple components: the participation intensity of a region in inter-regional R&D collaborations, the relative outward orientation in terms of all established links and the diversification of R&D collaborations among partner regions. We illustrate the measure and its behaviour with respect to other conventional centrality measures by using the European co-patent network at the NUTS 2 level.
Keyword(s):network centrality of regions, inter-regional R&D networks, inter-regional bridges, aggregated networks, co-patent network
Auteur(s) :Laurent BERGÉ, Iris WANZENBOCK, Thomas SCHERNGELL
JEL Class.:D85, L14, O31

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