Cahier 2016-10

Title:A Wavelet Analysis of the Environmental Kuznets Curve in France
Abstract:The paper explores the causality between carbon emission and economic growth in the case of France, for the period 1983Q2-2015Q2, by following a wavelet approach. The study offers detailed information of this nexus, for different frequencies and sub-periods of time, revealing the lead-lag nexus between variables under cyclical and anti-cyclical shocks. Different environmental-growth hypotheses are found in the case of France, for a given period of investigation, which varie from sub-periods to sub-periods, from short to medium and long terms, under particular national and international economic contexts.
Keyword(s):Carbon emissions, Growth, Effects, Wavelet analysis
Auteur(s) :Mihai MUTASCU, Jean-Christophe PEREAU, Eugen URSU
JEL Class.:C1, O1, Q5

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