Cahier 2016-17

Title:French Textile Specialisation in Long Run Perspective (1836-1938) : Trade Policy as Industrial Policy
Abstract:By using a new database covering French international trade between 1836 and 1938 this paper focuses on the country’s specialisation in textiles. It demonstrates, for the first time, the major influence of trade policy on French international trade in textiles during the first globalisation. Tariffs appear to be crucial determinants of specialisation measured by the Lafay Index. Tariffs are also major determinants of intra-industry trade in textiles. By analysing changes in tariffs between raw textiles and finished textiles and decorrelation between tariffs we show that an effective trade protection approach was applied by successive French governments in order to sustain the industrial competitiveness of textiles. Trade policy slowed down textile de-specialisation until WWI.
Keyword(s):textile, effective protection, specialisation, international trade, France
Auteur(s) :Stéphane BECUWE, Bertrand BLANCHETON
JEL Class.:F6, N23, N73

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