Cahier 2016-24

Title:The French Aerospace Sector Collaboration Network : Structural Dynamics And Firm Performance
Abstract:The focus of this paper is on the link between network structure and the financial performance of the individual firm. Under the hypothesis that firms access diverse and valuable knowledge through collaboration we analyse how firms pick their collaborators and how knowledge flows impact the financial performance of the firm. First, the evolution of the structure of the collaboration network of the French aerospace sector is analysed between 1980 and 2013. The global structure is identified and, using an ERGM and clustering identification, the structure of the network is explained. Second, a panel regression identifies a link between the position of the individual firm inside the network and their financial performance.
Keyword(s):Network analysis ; Innovation network ; ERGM ; Performance ; Small World ; Scale-free
Auteur(s) :Johannes VAN DER POL
JEL Class.:L25 ; C23 ; D85 ; L14 ; C20

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