Cahier 2016-25

Title:The co-evolution of knowledge and collaboration networks: The role of technology life-cycle in Structural Composite Materials
Abstract:One of the objectives of the analysis of innovation networks is to explain the structure of the network. The latter is important because it reveals strategic decisions of the firms in terms of collaboration. Different factors have already been identified (e.g technological and geographical proximity), the role of the life-cycle of the technology has however not yet been analysed. The aim of this paper is to extend the existing literature on innovation networks in two ways. First we show that the International Patent Classification can be used to generate a knowledge network that can be used as a proxy for the identification of the technology life-cycle. Second we show that there is a correlation between the structural dynamics of the network and the life-cycle of the technology.
Keyword(s):Network analysis ; Innovation network ; technology life-cycle ; Knowledge network
Auteur(s) :Johannes VAN DER POL, Jean-Paul RAMESHKOUMAR
JEL Class.:L14 ; D83 ; O32 ; O33

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