Cahier 2017-01

Title:Birth of a (very) large french region La Nouvelle-Aquitaine, one year later (January 2017)
Abstract:The aim of this exercise is twofold: to give, without further ado, students and representatives of life in the regions some clues in order to understand the birth of nouvelle-Aquitaine; and to leave for future researchers in regional economies an account from one who has observed (and lived through) the establishment of territorial reform 2014-2016. To this end, the first section retraces how we have moved on from more than half a century of stable French regional authorities to a reduction, in less than one year, of their number from 22 to 13. The second section sets out an initial synthetic vision of Nouvelle-Aquitaine emphasising two distinct characteristics: its enormous size and the evident hierarchy of its towns and cities. The third section, written, as it were, on the spot and thus without, perhaps, the required detachment, concerns the analysis of the first year “of transition” and poses questions on the future of this territorial reform.
Keyword(s):regional reform, regional development, urban framework, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Auteur(s) :Pierre DELFAUD
JEL Class.:N94, R12, R50

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