Cahier 2017-19

Title:An ecosystem in the air? The instance of start-ups and the arrival of the LGV SEA in Bordeaux
Abstract:According to the economic, institutional and political agents, the arrival of the High Speed Line South Europe Atlantic LGV SEA in Bordeaux would trigger or boost a "Bordeaux regional entrepreneurial ecosystem". This present paper examines this concept of ecosystem and offers to show its main characteristics, stressing the part played by start-ups, and assessing the economic and spatial logics involved. In a first part, the point is to understand to what extend the start-ups that politicians claim to be the spear-heads of those ecosystems, would constitute new stakes of operating in ecosystems. The survey enables to re-examine the concepts of ecosystem and of entrepreneurial system, to place them into prospect in the frame of regional science and of models of regional development. In a second part, we highlight the characteristic elements of this bordelais ecosystem, using what we call its fundamental DNA: the bordelais entrepreneurial ecosystem is grounded on numerous start-ups whose nature as well as personal and spatial components put into question the emergence of new forms of organization and relationships with the major companies and research laboratories.
Keyword(s):Ecosystem, start-up, entrepreneurial system, creative creation
Auteur(s) :Nathalie Gaussier, Claude Lacour
JEL Class.:L26, M13, P00, R10, R58

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