Cahier 2018-09

Title:The volatility effect of diaspora’s location: A migration portfolio approach
Abstract:Remittances can transmit volatility from migrants’ host countries to migrant’s home country for some common patterns of a country diaspora’s geographical distribution. In a migration portfolio model, the overall risk of volatility of any set of diaspora location is decomposed into a contagion and a concentration risks: a diaspora located in more volatile destinations induces a higher contagion risk, while a diaspora located in few destination countries increases the concentration risk. A series of estimations on a panel of 93 countries over 1995-2015 provide evidence for these two risks and their cumulative effects. Estimation of a structural model confirms that the geography of diaspora has an indirect impact on the origin country’s aggregate instability through remittances.
Keyword(s):Migration, remittances, macroeconomic volatility
Auteur(s) :Eric Rougier, Nicolas Yol
JEL Class.:F24, F3, F4, F62, F63, J61, O11, O15, O47

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