Cahier 2018-16

Title:Highly skilled migration and the internationalization of knowledge
Abstract:This paper investigates the role of Chinese and Indian highly skilled diaspora in the internationalization of knowledge networks, for a sample of OECD destination countries. We mainly focus on two types of knowledge networks: co-inventorship and co-authorship. We jointly exploit country-level data on highly skilled migration and information on co-authorship and co-inventorship from publication and patent data. Based on a gravity model regression analysis, we find that OECD country pairs hosting sizeable portions of the Indian or Chinese highly skilled diasporas tend to collaborate more on publications and patents, after controlling for other migration trends. When extending the analysis to other countries, we find similar results for Vietnam, Pakistan and Iran.
Keyword(s):migration, highly skilled, publications, R&D cooperation, diffusion, patent
Auteur(s) :Claudia Noumedem Temgoua
JEL Class.:C8, F22, J61, O31, O33

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