Cahier 2018-17

Title:Introducing Environmental Ethics into Economic Analysis: Some insights from Hans Jonas’ Responsibility Principle
Abstract:This paper addresses how environmental ethics could be incorporated in economic analysis and more particularly how the Responsibility Principle of H. Jonas can provide useful insights into the analysis of sustainability issues. The challenges of environmental and social sustainability in terms of intergenerational fairness are analysed and involve a moral duty applicable to economic governance. The paper also explores to what extent responsibility, as an alternative to utilitarianism and as a principle facilitating the coordination of the agents involved, can be a first step towards the long-term and sustainable conservation of Nature.
Keyword(s):Environmental ethics, intergenerational fairness, responsibility principle, self-binding behaviour, sustainability.
Auteur(s) :Damien J.A. BAZIN, Sylvie FERRARI, Richard B. HOWARTH
JEL Class.:Q010, Q200, Q320, Q570

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