Cahier 2015-13

Title:The Effects of Regional R&D Subsidies on Innovative SME: Evidence from Aquitaine SMEs
Abstract:Many studies have looked at the effectiveness of public schemes supporting private R&D but few have highlighted the role regions play in R&D funding. The present article assesses the R&D support package developed in the Aquitaine, France’s number one region in terms of proportion of budget spent on innovation. Its findings show that regional subsidies have induced local SMEs to increase their R&D resources and accelerate their expansion. More broadly, the article enhances understanding of the determinants explaining the effectiveness of public actions supporting private R&D.
Keyword(s):SME, R&D subsidies, regional Science and Technology policy, public policy evaluation.
Auteur(s) :BEDU Nicolas, VANDERSTOCKEN Alexis
JEL Class.:H71, O3, R11, R58

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