Cahier 2015-27

Title:Zipf’s law, Gibrat’s law and Cointegration
Abstract:This paper examines the methods to detect the nature of the urban growth processes. It seems that cointegration testing enables to disentangle two versions of Gibrat’s law: a first one with growth shocks that are iid across time and cities (implying convergence of the city-size distribution towards Zipf’s law), and an alternative one with growth shocks that are only iid over time (implying conservation of the initial structure of the city size distribution).
Keyword(s):Zipf’s law, Gibrat’s law, Cointegration tests, unit root tests, urban growth, urban system
Auteur(s) :Aurélie LALANNE, Martin ZUMPE
JEL Class.:R00, R11, C41, O40

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