Cahier 2016-14

Title:Groundwater management in food security context
Abstract:This article studies the sustainability of market-based instrument such as tradable permits for the management of a renewable aquifer used in agriculture production. Based on a dynamic hydro-economic model, a water agency aims at satisfying a food security constraint within a tradable permit scheme in the presence of myopic heterogeneous agents. We identify analytically the viability kernel that defines the states of the resource yielding inter-temporal feasible paths able to satisfy the set of constraints over time. We then illustrate the results with numerical simulations based on the data from Gisser and Sanchez (1980). Keywords: Groundwater, Agriculture,
Keyword(s):Groundwater, Agriculture, Irrigation, Food security, Individual permits, Sustainability, Dynamic model, Viability kernel.
Auteur(s) :Jean-christophe PEREAU, Lauriane MOUYSSET, Luc DOYEN
JEL Class.:15, Q25, C61

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